Amerisleep vs Sealy Optimum

Plant-based vs. Gel-based Memory Foam Characteristics

Due to its contouring and supportive qualities, memory foam remains one of the most comfortable materials for mattresses. Because the foam evenly distributes weight & supports alignment, it is popular among people that experience back pain, have illnesses that make sleep uncomfortable, or who simply what better-quality rest. But, all memory foam mattresses are not created equal.

Most of leading brands of expensive luxury mattresses are well known for sleeping hot, including both the temperature-sensitive and gel infused memory foams. One common complaint in negative ratings and Sealy Optimum reviews remains the "heat issue". This is because the viscous nature of the foam softens and contours with the presence of body heat.

While it can be comfortable for your body, the contouring nature molds to and traps heat against your skin. Nearly all people report better sleep in cool environments, and no one wants to wake up overheated and uncomfortable. Plant-based foam provides an alternative, proving that you can be comfortable and cool, too.

Amerisleep compared to Sealy Optimum Mattress

Benefits of Plant-Based Memory Foam

By dissipating heat faster, plant-based foams buck the trend and keeping sleepers cooler. One research study by Cargill showed that plant-based visco polyols proved 25% quicker at dispersing heat than gel-infused foams.

Plant-based memory foam, like that in Amerisleep Mattresses, not only sleeps cooler than the leading brands, but is more eco-friendly as well. Our beds all include breathable fabric covers and are made in U.S. With Amerisleep’s eco-friendly mattresses, you get all of the pressure-reducing, balanced support of memory foam without the hot nights.

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Amerisleep compared to Sealy Optimum Mattress

How does Amerisleep compare to the Sealy Optimum?

Sealy Optimum
Manufactured in the USA
Ultimate Pressure Relief
Durable Material
Natural Material
Sleeps Cool
VOC Free
Owner Satisfaction Rate1
Queen Set Price (Starting at)

1Amerisleep owner satisfaction taken from real, verified reviews through third party company Power Reviews.

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