Amerisleep vs Gel-based Memory Foam

Plant-based vs. Gel-based Memory Foam Characteristics

Memory foam has some of the most desirable qualities in a comfortable mattress. It contours very accurately to the curves to your body, it’s highly conforming, and it’s very supportive. In fact, memory foam mattresses are recommended to those who suffer from sleep related illnesses as well as back pain.

Although memory foam has these qualities, there is a fatal flaw that most companies (including the leading brand) have not addressed. It sleeps hot! In fact, the leading brand of memory foam (and many others) has been under attack by poor review ratings due to the heat issue.

The reason most memory foam sleeps hot is because memory foam is so contouring. True to its nature, it naturally forms a soft glove-like impression around your body which results in the formation of a heat cushion. So what are the options?

According to a 2 year product development research study by Cargill, the plant-based visco polyols ingredient actually dissipates heat 25% faster when compared to gel-infused technology.

Amerisleep compared to Sealy Optimum Mattress

Benefits of Plant-Based Memory Foam

Amerisleep mattresses, because of their exclusive eco-friendly ingredients, may actually sleep cooler than their gel-infused and leading brand competitors!

So, if you want to sleep cool through the night, it would be a smart decision to consider the benefits of Amerisleep’s eco-friendly plant-based mattresses. You’ll still get the best qualities of memory foam while retaining the benefits of sleeping cooler through the night. It’s a perfect match.

Amerisleep compared to Sealy Optimum Mattress

How does Amerisleep compare to the Serta iComfort?

Serta iComfort
NASA Inspired Memory Foam
No Motion Transfer
Ultimate Pressure Relief
Durable Material
Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Our Bio-Pur™ memory foam is manufactured with patented VPF technology which produces virtually zero-emissions, meaning it does not add to air pollution. We also use plant-based materials in our foams reduce environmental impact without compromising comfort.

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Amerisleep is an Elite Merchant at, a third-party review website. We actively monitor reviews and are proud of consistently positive customer feedback, as we genuinely care about customer satisfaction and product integrity.

Certified Made in the USA

Amerisleep mattresses and our Bio-Pur™ memory foam are design and certified to be manufactured 100% in the United States of America in compliance with strict manufacturing and environmental guidelines.

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