Driven by purpose and perfectionism.

Our unique approach to design will truly make a difference in how you’ll sleep. Built unlike anything else, our memory foam mattresses don’t sleep hot, are eco-friendly and won’t let you get stuck in bed. We want you to enjoy your nights, not dread them.

Minimized our impact. Maximized your comfort.

Memory foam is comfortable but not known to be eco-friendly. We changed that by crafting our beds with plant-based materials, allowing us to use less petroleum in our products. We’re forging forward with new technology that makes our mattresses more comfortable while still being eco-friendly.

Not stuck with the norm.

We always keep innovating while others are pushing outdated and outclassed technology. Our unique process allows us to make memory foam that contours and supports while not allowing you to sink and feel trapped.

Cooler sleep in a fresh way.

We’ve designed our mattress for maximum breathability so you’ll stay cool and comfortable through the night. Our Bio-Pur™ memory foam has an extreme open cell structure that lets air move while you’re in bed. It’s a fresh way of getting to sleep.

Renewable Rest.

Beyond making you comfortable, we want to help you recover at night from your long day. Infusing Celliant® in our mattress covers helps your body use its energy more efficiently. This clinically proven fabric reduces time spent awake at night and will allow you to fall asleep faster. You’ll wake with more energy and feel recharged from your night.