Our story of helping the world sleep soundly.

Buying a bed was a nightmare. We gave the mattress industry a much needed wake up call.

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Average in-store cost for a queen size mattress
Average Amerisleep cost for a queen mattress

Direct to comfort.

We transformed an outdated buying experience to be free of hassle and high prices. By firing the middlemen and selling direct, we get you to sleep without breaking the bank.

Keeping our roots healthy.

We proudly manufacture in the United States. Our VPF process for manufacturing foam is the most eco-friendly in the world. We surpass the Clean Air Act’s standards and generate cleaner air than what we start with. We’re passionate about keeping America as healthy as possible.

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Intention to perfection

From the initial research to the final product we’ve kept the single most important idea at the forefront of our minds, your comfort. Each mattress has a finely tuned layer construction to make them as comfortable as possible. We know that we’ve perfected every mattress and intend on innovating well into the future.

Extreme open cell
memory foam
Channels for increased
airflow and pressure
Supportive and responsive
base layer
High-performance cover infused
with Celliant® to maximize comfort
Active response layer
to prevent sinking