Protectors for Memory Foam Mattresses

Adding a mattress protector to your mattress purchase can help preservce your investment

Mattress protectors can be one of the wisest purchases for a memory foam mattress, as they can help preserve your investment and extend the life of your bed without detracting from comfort. Read on to learn about the benefits of pairing a protector with your memory foam bed and see how the different types of protectors compare.

Benefits of Using a Mattress Protector with Memory Foam Beds

A protective mattress cover is designed to prevent liquids and other substances from reaching the surface of the bed. While many associate mattress protectors with kids or incontinence, the truth is that they offer many other benefits like keeping your bed clean, healthy, and in good condition.

Prevent Stains

The most obvious benefit of mattress protectors is their ability to prevent or reduce stains due to waterproof or water-resistant backings. Aside from nighttime accidents, they can also keep pet stains, spilled drinks, sweat and other fluids off of your bed, or at least give you extra time to clean up before the stain soaks in. This is very useful for memory foam mattresses, as the foam absorbs liquid and can be fairly difficult to clean after the fact without damaging the material.

Mattress protectors help prevent stains with waterproof backing
Mattress protectors help prevent mold and mildew by eliminating moisture

Avoid Mold & Mildew

Because a protector prevents liquids and perspiration from penetrating the mattress, this significantly reduces any chance of mold or mildew developing. While memory foam is naturally resistant to mold, frequent moisture exposure or spills that do not thoroughly dry could create an issue.

Reduce Dust Mites & Allergens

In addition to liquids, mattress protectors can also keep your memory foam mattress cleaner and healthier. The removable barrier can reduce the amount of shed skin cells, dust mite debris and pet dander that infiltrate the bed. Most mattress protectors are also machine washable to keep allergen levels as low as possible.

Mattress protectors help prevent the build up of dust mites and allergens
Mattress protectors help keep your warranty entact

Keep Warranty Intact

Another important reason to use a mattress protector on a memory foam bed is the warranty. With nearly every manufacturer, stains can impact your ability to successfully file a warranty claim down the road since liquids can damage the foam and may also be unhygienic. If your mattress is still in it’s trial period, stains can also void return policies.

Extend Mattress Life

All of these protective and preventative features of mattress protectors combine to extend the useful lifespan of your mattress. Smelly or unsightly stains can require a mattress replacement, especially if mold develops. Certain liquids and cleaners can also affect the foam and reduce its lifespan. Keeping your mattress dry and covered helps reduce allergens and keep your mattress healthy, and also helps ensure that you will be able to return or file a warranty claim later if needed.

A mattress protector will help extend the lifespan of a mattress

Which Mattress Protector is Best?

Mattress protectors are not all created equally; there are different types and materials depending on your needs and concerns.

Waterproof versus Water-Resistant

A waterproof mattress cover will have a non-porous backing designed to totally prevent liquids from penetrating the surface. These are ideal for protecting a bed when incontinence and spills are a concern, but can be less breathable and flexible depending on the backing material. Plastic and vinyl material offer a more resistant barrier, but may also trap heat and be noisy. Polyurethane backing stops liquids, but allows air flow and is flexible for greater comfort. Water-resistant mattress covers have a less restrictive barrier, but also may be more breathable and flexible. These do not prevent 100% of liquids from seeping through, but can prevent minor stains and give you extra time to soak up an accident.

Mattress protectors with polyurethane backing allows air flow while stopping liquids
Mattress protector full encasements cover the mattress entirely, while slip over protectors fit like sheets

Covers versus Encasements

There are two main types of mattress protectors; encasements which entirely surround the mattress and covers which slip over the mattress. Encasements cover all sides of the bed from top to bottom, and are primarily designed to prevent bed bug infestations or manage severe dust allergies. The more common style of mattress protector slips over the top of the mattress like a fitted sheet for easier removal.

Compare Amerisleep Mattress Protectors

Amerisleep offers two types of protectors to complement memory foam mattresses, a Classic protector and an Organic Cotton option. Below is a comparison of the features of each style:

Protector Type
Classic Mattress Protector
Organic Mattress Protector
Protector Style
Surface Material
Cotton blend
Organic Cotton Jersey
Non-toxic polyurethane
Non-toxic recycled polyurethane
Protection Level
Waterproof, Air-porous
Waterproof, Air-porous
Machine Washable
Machine Washable
Profile (Depth)
8" - 18"
8" - 18"
1 year
1 year
Queen Price (Avg)
Good for
Basic protection Spills, Dust mites
Basic protection Spills, Dust mites, Sensitive skin

The two mattress protectors offer a similar level of protection, slip-on design with all-around sewn-in elastic, one year of warranty, and easy machine-washable care. Both also use non-toxic polyurethane backing to repel liquids while still allowing air to breathe through for temperature control and comfort. The Classic protector features cotton-polyester blend fabric and is imported, while the Organic protector features 100% certified organic cotton fabric from Canada and is made in the USA. The Organic protector offers the advantage of being free of dyes and harsh chemicals, making it safe for sensitive skin., and the recycled and organic materials make the product eco-friendly as well.

With the broad scope of advantages mattress protectors offer, this important and relatively inexpensive accessory should be on every new memory foam mattress owner’s list. Using a protective cover from the beginning helps ensure your investment lasts as long as possible, while staying clean, hygienic and healthy. Modern mattress protectors like those from Amerisleep offer an ideal solution for use with memory foam mattresses, with breathable materials that preserve comfort while offering excellent protection against spills and allergens.

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