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buying guides & education

Tips and eduction for choosing the right memory foam mattress.

Back-to-School Sleep Tips for Students

See why quality sleep is important for students and get tips for sleeping well at college.

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Amerisleep vs. Memory Foam

There are a number of alternate-brand products that are composed of the same NASA-inspired technology.

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Live & Sleep Safe When The Walking Dead Take Over.

How do survivors sleep in The Walking Dead? Amerisleep's infographic guide offers tips for sleeping safely in a zombie apocalypse.

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Science behind sleep: What's really happening?

Educate yourself on the stages of sleep, what to avoid, and how age effects how much you need.

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Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

Educate yourself on memory foam facts and fiction.

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What's the Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Eight out of ten people will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

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memory foam resources

Information on types of mattresses, safety, and comparisons.

How Much Does A Memory Foam Mattress Weigh

There is no stock answer to the question of how much a memory foam mattress weighs.

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Is Memory Foam for Kids a Good Idea at Younger Ages?

Whether or not memory foam for kids is a good idea depends greatly on the kid, their age, height and weight.

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ABCs of Memory Foam

Regardless of the manufacturer, there are several key things – the ABCs if you will – that are universal among memory foam mattresses. Knowing the ABCs of memory foam will help maximize the consumer’s experience.

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Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses

A short overview of the many advantages Memory Foam mattresses have over conventional mattresses.

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Beating Back Pain with a Memory Foam Mattress

The unique properties of a memory foam mattress creates ideal conditions for back pain relief and prevention.

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Green Memory Foam Mattresses

Green memory foam mattresses are becoming popular, but the term green can mean many different things. Learn about this mattress type and its advantages in the following article.

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How to Make a Memory Foam Mattress

A short history about the development and creation of memory foam mattresses.

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Memory Foam Density

The denser the memory foam in a new mattress, the better the feel and comfort of the sleep experience.

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Is Memory Foam the Best Bed for Fibromyalgia?

Your body hurts all over, you’re exhausted and no one can tell you why.

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Memory Foam Mattress Myths

The truth about memory foam mattress myths may make you think twice about your assumptions.

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Memory Foam Mattresses vs. Air Beds

See how memory foam and air bed mattresses compare in features and reviews.

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Protectors for Memory Foam Mattresses

Learn about benefits of using a mattress protector with your Memory Foam bed and about different types.

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The Facts on Memory Foam and Off-Gassing

A small inconvenience that is soon overshadowed by the memory foam’s sleep benefits.

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Memory Foam Mattresses Have A Long Lifespan

Quality = Durability

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Amerisleep 360 Commitment

Amerisleep is dedicated to environmental innovation for a sustainable future.

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Serta iComfort Mattress Vs. Amerisleep Mattresses

Plant-based vs. Gel-based Memory Foam Characteristics.

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Sealy Optimum Mattress vs Amerisleep Mattresses

How do plant-based and gel memory foam compare? Learn why an Amerisleep Mattress outperforms the Sealy Optimum memory foam mattress line.

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Tempur-Pedic® Complaints

Some of the most common complaints about Tempurpedic mattresses

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