Warranty Information

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Amerisleep mattresses are warrantied for a period of TWENTY (20) years. The warranty is broken into two halves. The first TEN (10) years is a full replacement warranty. The second TEN (10) years is a prorated warranty. The entire TWENTY (20) year warranty period is measured from the original purchase date of the original purchase.

During the first TEN (10), we will determine if your Amerisleep mattress will be replaced or repaired due to defects of faulty workmanship or structural defects. This is subject to limitations specified in this warranty. This warranty does not include a normal increase in softness of the mattress material or decrease in the slow recovery characteristic of the foam. These factors do not impact the pressure-relieving qualities of the mattress and normally occur during the breaking in of the mattress and do not imply a defect.

During the prorated period, we will decide to repair or replace your mattress. Repairing your mattress is subject to a handling charge. The cost of replacing your mattress will be determined by dividing the number of years you’ve owned the mattress by 20 and then multiplying that number by the original purchase price. All transportation and shipping costs are your responsibility and will be in addition to the prorated charges.

This warranty covers deterioration in the cell structure of the mattress materials that causes the mattress to have a visible indentation greater than 19 millimeters. This cannot be associated with a sag in the bed’s foundation or platform. Splitting or cracking of the mattress material that occurred with normal usage and proper handling will be covered as well.

Amerisleep mattresses are designed to be used on a solid wood, non-spring, completely flat foundation or bed platform. A box spring is only allowed to be used with at least a 19-millimeter sheet of moisture-resistant plywood placed over the box spring. Substitutions or improper foundations, platforms, box springs or other bases that the mattress is placed on will void your Amerisleep mattress warranty requirements and all other warranties expressed or implied. In the event of a warranty claim, you may be required to provide proof of the quality and sustainability of the mattress foundation providing support for your mattress.

All warranties contained in this document will not apply if the mattress, foundation or cover has been damaged, physically abused, burned, saturated with moisture, cut or torn. Amerisleep reserves the right to refuse any repairs or replacements of any products deemed to be in an unsanitary condition. These warranties are only valid to the original purchaser of the product. If the original purchaser sells the product, the new owner takes the product “as is” and “with all faults.” Warranty claims are to be made at the point of purchase directly through the original dealer.

For additional information regarding the warranty, please contact:
Bed N Dreams, 1300-233-700.

Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.