live & sleep safe when the walking dead take over.

How do survivors sleep in The Walking Dead? Amerisleep's infographic guide offers tips for sleeping safely in a zombie apocalypse.

Live & Sleep Safe When The Walking Dead Take Over.

AMC's hit show The Walking Dead documents the lives of people in the aftermath of an apocalyptic zombie-like virus outbreak. But, what if the the Walking Dead actually became your reality?

Sleep, once taken for granted, now proves quite risky. We all still need to sleep, but how's a survivor to catch shut-eye in the midst of Walkers, Biters and Lurkers? Amerisleep puts your concerns to rest with a handy guide in infographic format outlining how to Live & Sleep Safe When the Walking Dead Take Over.

As illustrated, security should become your number one priority lest you too become a Walker. From barricades to traps and weapons, the infographic offers numerous ideas ranked on scales of 1-5 zombie heads for effectiveness, durability, and badassery.

The importance of elevated resting places and secure fortresses also takes precedence, as the undead make poor climbers. Lastly, taking turns sleeping and guarding ensures Walkers don't creep inside undetected. Another important fact: Walkers don't need sleep, but can hibernate until prey comes around!

Use these tips to sleep safely around Walkers, and prepare with Amerisleep's stealthy memory foam mattresses - they won't make a peep while you sleep and offer unparalleled comfort for the living.

Live & Sleep Safe When The Walking Dead Take Over.

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