Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your mattresses made?

Our new advanced Orthopedic Memory foam mattress were designed by, and are manufactured right here in the U.S.A using the highest quality control standards!

Will my mattress make me hot when I sleep?

Current conventional Memory Foam technologies use various ways to try to prevent heat build up in their Memory Foam mattresses. They use "Convoluted, (egg crate shaped) layering to offset heat build up from the solid foam layers, yet the cellular structure of their Memory Foam formulation remains "standardized". We utilize the new BioPure foam manufacturing technology that creates a specialized cell construction which dissipates heat build up 8x greater than other leading manufacturers foam products. This technology results in the most temperature regulated sleep ever!

Is there an adjustment period for my new mattress?

Generally speaking, if the only mattress type you have slept prior to your having purchased one of our new Orthopedic Memory foam mattresses was of the innerspring type, you may need a few nights to acclimate to the surface feel change between the 2 different technologies. Innerspring mattresses cannot inherently totally shape and conform to the individual body top lying on it. There are "no support gaps" between certain parts of the body and the surface of an innerspring mattress, i.e. the lower lumbar region of the back, between the shoulder blades, and behind the knees resulting in "static" weight bearing straining from the remaining body parts that do make surface contact. The mattress surface non conformity of support for the lumbar region,shoulder blades, and behind the knees, causes undue pressure points from the natural resistance of the metal coils in the mattress, against the body parts which do make contact with the mattress. This being said, with our High Resiliency Orthopedic Memory foam mattresses, the thing you notice the first night you lay on our mattress is that it begins to shape and conform to every surface area of your body type removing all "gaps" between any body part and the surface of the mattress. No more pressure points. No having to shift and reposition yourself on the mattress to try and get comfortable. No longer do you toss and turn in your sleep. As your REM state of sleep deepens, you wake refreshed without aches and pains caused by your old coil mattress!

What do I need to do to care for my new mattress?

Unlike innerspring mattresses that need to be turned and rotated regularly for even wear, our highly resilient Memory Foam mattresses do not require turning or rotating for wear correction since there are no metal coils to be compromised by continual weight impressions. As with other Memory foam mattress on the market today, the warranty on the mattress also becomes void if something is spilled on the mattress that ultimately leads to decomposition of the foam. The removable covers on our mattresses are easily washable for normal cleaning issues of perspiration and odor removal as such. We strongly suggest purchasing a water proof mattress protector to protect your investment if you eat or drink in bed, or perhaps if the user has incontinence issues.

How can I pay for my mattress?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and also "Check and or Savings account by Phone"

How long will it take to get my mattress?

Mattresses & foundations ship as quickly as two (2) working days (excluding major holidays) via FedEx with curbside delivery. Please refer to the exact product page for accurate shipping times. Once shipped, delivery takes approximately 1-5 working days. View our Shipping Information page for more details.

Can I use my box-springs with your mattress?

Memory Foam mattresses requires a solid flat surface on which to be placed to maintain the mattress integrity. If you have a newer Box Spring foundation without any misshaped coils within, you may use a 2cm piece of moisture-resistant plywood to place on top of the foundation as support for the mattress to satisfy the warranty requirements.

Will compressing a mattress for shipping purposes damage the cellular structure of the foam?

Memory Foam is highly resilient with quick rebounding characteristics. Think about how a cleaning sponge reacts when compressed by squeezing it with your hand. It readily returns to its full original shape upon release of the compression. High resiliency Memory Foam that we use in our mattresses reacts in the same way. It is much more efficient to compact wrap and ship a Memory Foam mattress in this fashion, as well as for ease of handling once it is received. When the mattress is released from the compacted wrap and box it was originally placed in, it will come to full created size within a relatively short period of time.